New! 3D Digital Downloads

We're putting some of our best 3D conversions out as Printable Digital Downloads - for free!

Click HERE or on the pic on the right to go to the Downloads section. Just click on the relevant link, and you'll receive a .zip file with the image and a text file with info.

You just need a pair of red/blue 3D specs to enjoy the pics.

Print them, frame them, gift them!

More images will be added soon.

René Magritte 3D Discovery

René Magritte's painting 'Man With A Newspaper' is an example of Retinal Rivalry - 4 similar images with one having a man with a newspaper so that when the top two images are viewed in 3D using the cross-eyes method, there is 3D depth, but also a 'jarring' because one eye is seeing the man, and the other isn't.

However, when the image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise, the images are still in 3D, which means that Magritte deliberately shifted each item in each image to make a series of rotational 3D images.

It's well known that in Portrait mode, the top two images are 3D , as are the bottom two. But until now, nobody has noticed that all the images are 3D even when rotated.

Click on the pic on the right to see the full size image and info, and view it in 3D using red/cyan glasses to see the effect in full.

New optical illusion videos

We're calling them Movillusions - they're examples of the Reverse Colour effect.

Watch the dot in the middle of the video image and see the image change to its natural colours!

Click the tiger to check out our YouTube Video Channel - the Movillusions are in the 'Shorts' section.

The Pinsharp 3D Viewer

It's been around for nearly 40 years, is still the most popular viewer for 35mm stereo-pair transparencies

Email for details.


A new, unique colouring system suitable for all ages, interests and abilities.

Visit our SchaflineArt page here.

Jim's video "The Blinking Third Eyelid"

A hypothesis on how birds see their world and why birds use their nictitating membrane when they turn their head. You can view the 9 minute film on Vimeo.

Take a look.

And here's a page with more information on the subject:

The Blinking Third Eyelid

New Stereo Pair Videos
on our YouTube channel

Our series of Stereo-Pair Videos for cross-eyed viewing are up and running on YouTube, with easy to follow instructions, and eye-popping 3D!

Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3

or tune in to our YouTube Channel for more.

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Duillision by Jim Sharp © 2020

Our new Promo Flyer

Click on the image to view our latest promo flyer - "Excite your eyes! Take a cruise on the SS Pinsharp3D". PDF Download.

Gallery Update!

A new sample for our Red Reveal Gallery. Red Reveal is growing in the promotions field, and as usual, we're on top of it! Check our Red Reveal Gallery for all our Red Reveal options.

New Video Showreels

Put on your 3D specs, click over to our brand new
YouTube Channel, links on the right. Keep your finger near the pause button, and enjoy some amazing 3D from our archives.

Showreel 1

Showreel 2 - Adverts

Showreel 3 - Dinosaurs

Gallery Update!

Another pic from our 3D Conversions 'Anaglyph Archive', this immense beast was converted for Guinness World Records 2009. More to come soon!

New Duillusions!

Elvis turns into Marilyn! John Lennon turns into Paul McCartney!
Take a look at our Duillusion gallery.

NEW - 3D for PowerPoint!

Enhance your PowerPoint Presentation with 3D graphics.

We can provide 3D Conversions and 3D Specs as a package, to make your PowerPoint Presentation powerfully effective.

50 Pairs of red/cyan 3D glasses
FREE with every 3D Conversion over £50!

Great for PowerPoint presentations and short print-runs. Call or email Jim for more info.

The perfect gift for any
camera phone user!

A collection of optical illusions specially compiled for viewing with a mobile phone camera.

Only £12.95 plus P+P.

Email for details.

Recent projects...

A couple of 3D Floor Graphics for Danish fruit-bottlers 'Froosh'. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Also check our 3D Floor Graphics page for more samples.

'There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Star' - children's 3D book for Scholastic Australia.

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That's because there's lots more visual information in a 3D image - for your customers, the longer they look, the more they take in.

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